Grl Gang is a social media community for girls and other marginalised genders in Birmingham. Alongside two other brummie women, I started Grl Gang in January 2020 to uplift brummie girls, share brummie work and use the platform to discuss important issues. Grl gang has grown a following and has become a real passion of mine. As well as creating content and writing posts for grl gang, I am responsible for all design work including creating and upholding the brand, designing our own original content, creating designs for instagram features such as highlight covers, templates and stories, and building the website.

In June 2020, we hosted a ‘Protest from Home’ for those unable to attend the #blacklivesmatter protest in Birmingham city. We received close to 100 photos from people who had made placards and signs to show their support for the movement.


grl gang brum logo. Design by Flossie Aylin.